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people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers
people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers

About The Project

DIGISHIP is based on reports and statistics review at national and EU levels and own research of partners . It is a response to the need to integrate “critical thinking, information evaluation and Media Literacy as some of the top skills for the 21st century” into adult educational systems. It is addressed to learners and educators.

Our Objectives Are :

  1. Educate and support educator's /trainer's working in the field of adult education acquisition of media literacy competences by developing learning resources and innovative tools using non-formal education.

  2. Empower adult learner's capacity to use media literacy strategies for spotting fake news, and make responsible choices about the world of news around them.

  3. Inspire adult trainers and adult education organizations to integrate the strategic use of ICT tools and open-source software in adult education, training and adult systems to combat disinformation and fake news.

  4. Enhance adult trainers & learners skills such as critical thinking, communication, and digital skills, with the use of innovative digital tools and resources.


Eesti People to People is a non-profit organisation registered in Estonia in 1997 and with activities since 1993 as a chapter of People to People International NGO.

The purpose of People to People aims to enhance international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among peoples of different countries and diverse cultures.

Eesti PTP is committed to enhance cross-cultural communication within each community, and across communities and nations. Tolerance and mutual understanding are central themes.

About The Partners

Best Practice Lab – Poland

The Association was founded id December 2021 in Pyrzyce, Poland.

Our mission is to stimulate and sustain young people to promote and participate in the educational, social, cultural, economic and environmental issues of the communities they live in. We support people in building and understanding the concept of unite Europe and being a European citizen. We will implement actions according to environmentalfriendly approach (integrating digital tool) when designing the project which will encourage everyone involved to discuss and learn about environmental issues.

To promote equal opportunities and access, inclusion and fairness across all our actions should be one of many objectives we follow.

Our main target is adults between 24- 45 from small or disadvantaged communities.

We aim to:

  • Empower their motivation to gain their aims and prospect in future careers,

  • Support digital competencies of adults-

  • Sensitise them on digital media literacy

  • Equip them with the innovative

İncirliova Gençlik Kültür , Sanat ve Gelişim Derneği - Turkey

İ.ova Gençlik Kültür , Sanat ve Gelişim Derneği -IOVA is an organization of non-profit nature, counts more than one hundred individuals as members, young and creative citizens, people who share values, ideas, thoughts, reflections and vision.

IOVA is a young and dynamic organisation that was created as a response to the need for a vibrant, community based formation that will be able to recognise opportunities and respond to challenges related to the unique character of the local community and its members.

The focus of IOVA is:

● To encourage civic participation and active youth involvement through non-formal education;

● Implementation of new social practices in the field of media safety, fake news, social network violence, convergence of media technologies, etc.;

● The value of ICT strategies as a means of bridging the digital divide and as a powerful tool for economic & social development around the EU;

● Providing digital education for youth workers, young people and teachers.